Dick Navarre

Dick Navarre, ETR-2 served aboard USS Calcaterra during Deep Freeze 65-66. Dick was the lead ET, who I worked for during my year aboard Calcaterra. We kept in touch throughout the past 41 years. In fact, following a tip from Dick  in about 1966 I joined the same company he worked for when I got out in 1967. Dick retired but came back as a consultant.  I retired in January, 2007, and am continuing to do consulting in the IT industry..

Gene Spinelli, ETR-3 in the chair
L-R Bob Suttle, David Cutter, Steve Thompson
Mr. Cool?  Don't remember what this is about. Probably Equator Crossing.
Campbell Island bar, late 1965. L-R Bob Suttle ET-3, Dave Yeomans RD-2, Dick Navarre ET-2, ??, Lange ET-3
Bob Suttle in the library
Dick Navarre and the ubiquitous picture taken on Campbell Island
Lining up to paint the ship's name on the iceberg
Dick Navarre aboard Calcaterra