Zippo Lighters

Gene Spinelli's Deep Freeze 1965 Zippo

USS Thomas J. Gary Zippo lighter

Operation Deep Freeze Zippo Lighterr

Doug VanTol's lighters

L-R USS Thomas J. Gary, DF Zippo, same as the one on the top of this page, but in like new condition

USS Calcaterra DER 390

Operation Deep Freeze Task Force 43 Ashtray

This USS Forster Zippo, selling price $225. Seems it's a rare 6 color Zippo

USS Vance
Added Oct 2002
USS Calcaterra
Added Oct. 2002

Stan Correll, SOG-2 I served on USS Forster from June '58 to May '61.  He sent along pictures of his Zippo.

These images came from www

Joe Thorne's Zippo from 1965

Added June, 2002

Added Nov 2003

These Zippos are owned by Steve McLachlan, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Another group of Zippo lighters sent along by Steve McLachlan, Christchurch, New Zealand, Jan. 1, 2006. "I'm attaching scans of 3 Zippos which were sold through the Armed forces Canteen council shop at Scott Base which feature both US and NZ insignia, A NSF Operation Deep freeze Zippo and lastly a scan showing two 1990's vintage Bic Flick lighters from Scott Base."

Paul Fleming sent along the  Zippo scans shown below.  Paul is a Zippo collector who lives in Christchurch, New Zealand. Paul's Zippo Lighter collection can be seen at his web site, click here to visit Paul's web site.

ASIUSS Peterson D-McKay
ASIBack of TC
ASITJ Gary T-C-1 ASIPauls Deep Freeze Zippos
ASIZippo The Great American Lighter
ASICalcaterra Table

In September, 2010 I saw a really cool USS Thomas J Gary Zippo on the NZ TradeMe auction site, a Town and Country model. I started bidding on the item and decided I'd had enough when the bidding hit $175. At the time I didn't know that Paul Fleming was the gent I was bidding against.

The next month I met Paul and Martine at their shop in Christchurch, NZ. Later that evening Paul drove us to Port Lyttleton to have a look around, then to their home for a wonderful evening of talk, tea and looking at Paul's Zippo collection. Oh yea, we also experienced a 5.2 earthquake while visiting Paul and Martine's home.

Of course, the TJ Gary Zippo was now in Paul's possession and I tried, all evening, to negotiate it away from him, with no success. The best I could do was get some pictures.


John Altfeltis of Edgewater, Colorado sent along these excellent examples of vintage Deep Freeze Zippos and a USS Forster Zippo.

Remember these ship's clocks? They were made by Chelsea Clock Company (Boston), Seth Thomas, and others.

Based upon the serial number, this particular clock was made by Chelsea sometime between 1940 and 1944. As the story goes, it was placed aboard a US Navy ship, and remained aboard until 1964 when the, yet unknown, ship was decommissioned.

After 60 years this clock still keeps perfect time and it looks wonderful in my office.



Pete Callahan, from Adelaide, Australia sent this scan of a Deep Freeze Zippo. Pete bought this specimen at a swap meet in 2001.