George Slivka

George Slivka was an ETR-2 on the USS Thomas J Gary, Deep Freeze 65-66, 66-67. We spent a weekend in October, 2009 reminiscing about our time on the TJ Gary. George sent along some photos and promises the will be others.

ASIDepFre_66 Shellback
ASIGene Spinelli - DepFre_66

Gene Spinelli and audio tapes. 44 years later and I still have those tapes.

ASIAustrialian Wildlife

Cottesloe Beach bunnies, Cottesloe Beach, Perth, Australia.


Harry Wertz, RD1

ASISlivka-Spano DepFre_65_radar
ASIDepFre0003 Iceberg

George Slivka and Louie Spano removing the SPS-10 antenna. Seems the replacement antenna was the wrong one and a replacement had to be shipped to Dunedin.

ASIIced Life-lines DepFre_66

While on picket station it was not unusual to see the lifelines and superstructure ice covered.