USCGC Burton Island

I've known Dennis Murray for a number of  years, through our work, and neither of us was aware of each other's Operation Deep Freeze experience  until one day he made a comment about New Zealand. I probed the comment and we both realized our Deep Freeze connection.

Dennis sent along his "Deep Freeze 70" Cruise Book and other memorabilia from his participation.

Welcome Aboard
Thanksgiving Dinner at sea

FamilyGram 1F

FamilyGram 3D

FamilyGram 1A

FamilyGram 2A

FamilyGram 4A

What's a Coastie?

Christmas Dinner at sea

FamilyGram 1B

FamilyGram 2B

FamilyGram 4B

FamilyGram 1C

FamilyGram 3A

FamilyGram 1D

FamilyGram 3B

FamilyGram 1E

FamilyGram 3C

USCGC Burton Island Deep Freeze 70 Cruise Book

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