VK9MT DX-pedition

In March 2014 Gene Spinelli joined a team of 11 amateur radio operators on and expedition toAustralia's  Mellish Reef. We sailed from Mackay Australia and set a course to the reef, some 1,150 kilometers from the Queensland coast.

Figure 1
ASIFigure 2 Team Photo
ASIFigure 3 - Expedition Sailing Vessel Evohe
ASIFigure 4 Les W2LK  Bunnings
ASIFigure 6 Crewmember Paul with tuna
ASIFigure 5 Pista loading boa
ASIFigure 7 First look at Mellish
ASIFigure 8 Luke Setting Dead man
ASIFigure 9 George HA5UK setting a guy
ASIFigure 10 Operating camps
ASIFigure 13 Ita-1Headline
ASIFigure 14 - Queuing up for the loo -1
ASIFigure 12 Dave K3EL -  Mike WA6O-  George HA5UK  CW